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HiSoftware: The New Standard in Content Compliance and Security Solutions

The Content-Aware Difference

HiSoftware provides end-to-end information security and compliance solutions to help organizations address business process, regulatory and productivity concerns around the secure collaboration of data in content management systems and social environments. HiSoftware solutions add a layer of security at the content level to enforce data and web governance policies and improve collaboration, while minimizing risk on a wide range of digital environments including SharePoint, file shares, enterprise social systems, mobiles, intranets, extranets, public websites and the cloud.

Our content-aware rules engine allows organizations to consistently address regulatory mandates and other content governance policies based on hundreds of pre-defined checkpoints, as well as custom rules that can be easily defined as policies evolve. Detailed reporting further supports these automated scans to identify risks and alert HR, privacy or other compliance officers to issues before they can escalate, effectively preventing costly fines or in the worst case, a data breach.

HiSoftware has helped customers across a broad range of industries including Global 2000 companies, higher education, and US and international government agencies realize their goals for more compliant and accessible online environments.

A Repeatable, Practical and Measurable Solution for Compliance

Take back control of your content by translating your corporate guidelines into a repeatable and enforceable process using the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff enterprise compliance automation solution. Enforce corporate guidelines and standards within websites, intranets, document libraries, email and social computing to stay ahead of content chaos. HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff provides users with a means to monitor content for potential compliance issues across the application – keeping information safe, appropriate and within regulatory guidelines. Compliance Sheriff automates content compliance to address digital governance issues including:

  • Privacy factors related to personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI)
  • Accessibility in accordance with WCAG and Section 508 guidelines
  • Site quality factors such as broken links, spelling and SEO
  • Brand integrity for logo, product name and copyright consistency
  • Offensive content and language 

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HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff

Making SharePoint and File Shares Safe for Sensitive Data

HiSoftware also delivers comprehensive content-aware compliance and security solutions optimized for SharePoint and File Shares. The HiSoftware Security Sheriff suite provides compliance auditing, granular document security and distribution controls, as well as tracking capabilities for both SharePoint and Windows Server File Share content. HiSoftware helps organizations manage and automate compliance with policies for content security, compliance and privacy with the ability to:

  • Scan existing content: This process identifies sensitive documents by looking at their entire contents. This is a key concern for companies who have accumulated massive amounts of data on SharePoint and Files Shares, and often do not know where or how much sensitive data exists.
  • Auto-classify content to control access and set distribution restrictions: Once sensitive data is identified, Security Sheriff uses metadata-driven, item-level security to automatically classify content to restrict access and control what can be done with it. This includes encrypting the information or restricting document actions, including print, save as, copy and email, based on the level of sensitive information contained within.
  • Track who has accessed sensitive data and what actions have been performed, to better aid auditing and risk management.

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HiSoftware Security Sheriff

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