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Privacy Compliance

Protect Personally Identifiable and Personal Health Information and Achieve Compliance

The EU, US, separate states and other country’s regulatory bodies have enacted stringent and sweeping legislation in an effort to govern the collection, use, retention and distribution of personally identifiable information (PII). 
Violations can bring hefty penalties. The challenge many organizations face is actually knowing if all the content within public-facing websites, intranets, file shares and ECM systems is compliant with the many privacy regulations that may apply to them. With compliance officers, policy managers and executives on the hook for this responsibility, being able to identify or prevent regulatory violations is critical. 

How Cryptzone Can Help with Privacy Compliance Management

Cryptzone’s dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions can address privacy including who can access systems and applications that contain PII, down to securing files and controlling how authorized users can share and utilize documents containing PII, while providing a clear audit trail of access and use. Cryptzone provides a layered approach to securing PII and PHI. 

Benefits of Cryptzone solutions:

  • Protect your organization’s reputation internally and externally by assuring that your website properties contain required privacy notices.
  • Monitor for exposed PII/PHI on public-facing websites.
  • Discover and report on where PII/PHI exists on systems including, file shares, SharePoint and Office 365 for auditing purposes.
  • Restrict user access to applications and network resources that contain PII/PHI.
  • Encrypt PII/PHI at rest and in transit across a range of applications, email, portable devices and storage media.
  • Automatically classify, restrict access to and control distribution of content containing PII/PHI.
  • Audit the entire lifecycle of a document, including who accessed PII/PHI and what they did with it. 

AppGate is a network access security solution that reduces your attack surface by 99% while significantly lowering costs. Based on the Software-Defined Perimeter model, AppGate enforces fine-grained network permissions, automatically tailored to each unique user’s needs.


  • Looks at both context and identity to grant access
  • Creates a dynamic, encrypted network segment of one from users to managed network resources
  • Makes only authorized resources visible on networks, whether cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments
  • Automatically adjusts user access based on changes in posture and infrastructure

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Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff assures content compliance with standards for privacy, accessibility, social computing, brand integrity, site quality and data and information security. Throughout the development lifecycle, Compliance Sheriff provides control, consistency and visibility of dynamic web content, scripted and contextual on any browser or device and mobile web content. 

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Security Sheriff

Security Sheriff automates and enforces data security policies by leveraging dynamic access, deny rules, sharing rules and a secure viewer to help ensure that only authorized users can view, edit and share classified data. Security Sheriff's real-time comparison of file classification and user context provides a granular approach to data security at the item-level to:

  • Automatically apply the appropriate level of encryption at the time the file is stored, used or shared
  • Automatically restrict access to and encrypt content based on the presence of sensitive data including PII, PHI and other confidentiality factors
  • Record all file access history, including RMS actions, user access and sharing events
  • Detect potential violations and initiate workflows to remediate and minimize risk
  • Utilize granular security to more effectively control access to and the distribution of sensitive data
  • Provide audit trails and forensics to track access to sensitive data, ensuring transparency and accountability

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