Security Sheriff

SharePoint and Office 365

SharePoint and Office 365

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Do you know where your unstructured content in your organization is being created, shared, and stored? Are you sure that your sensitive information is secure and only available to the appropriate individuals?

Locate and classify all data on-premises and in the cloud, encrypt or quarantine when required, and report status to stakeholders. Cryptzone has helped public and private sector organizations around the globe assess and control content residing in SharePoint and Office 365. We can help you do the same.

Dynamic, Content-Aware Security and Compliance

Security Sheriff complements the powerful content publishing and collaborative features in SharePoint and Office 365 by enabling users to monitor content at rest and restrict content in motion to protect against data loss and misuse.

Security Sheriff works natively within Microsoft’s products to dynamically restrict the functions a user can access through the ribbon and to automatically apply RMS protection when required. Trusted users can collaborate on any device and in any location, knowing that all data is secure, even when it leaves the company.

Manage Content Security and Permissions More Easily

With Security Sheriff, IT administrators can manage user access without creating more security groups, more sites, libraries or folders. Instead, IT administrators define user claims and access rules efficiently and dynamically control access and user actions.

In Security Sheriff, policies and permissions are managed by the people who know the regulations, the users, and the data, reducing cost and frustration. 

Dynamic, Content-Aware Security, Data Protection and Compliance

Data Loss Prevention for Office 365 & SharePoint

Secure Data at Rest

Security Sheriff locates and classifies all data on-premises and in the cloud, encrypting or quarantining when required, and it reports status and compliance violations to stakeholders.

  • Label, encrypt, and quarantine files based on content
  • Enforce compliance and data security policies:

    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Intellectual property and trade secret protection
    • Data loss prevention
    • PII and PCI compliance, HIPAA requirements

Secure Data in Use & in Transit

Security Sheriff works natively with Microsoft products, restricting usage, including the SharePoint ribbon, all Microsoft methods of viewing files, RMS encryption, and emailed attachments through Exchange email. RMS encryption is automatically applied when necessary, and read/write privileges are automatically manipulated, so the user can concentrate on the content rather than the policies governing collaboration.

  • Individualized restriction that changes when the context changes
  • Dynamically restrict ribbon rules by user/file context in all MS Office apps
  • Restricted view of all files and properties so users can’t discover security policies
  • Automatically use Microsoft RMS to encrypt individual files only when the situation requires
  • Adjust security based on file and user context – including email recipients

Lower Cost of Ownership

Security Sheriff leverages dynamic access, deny rules and a secure viewer to help ensure that only the right users can access the right content to help you keep confidential information in SharePoint and Office 365. Security rules can be applied centrally or locally, ensuring user education and compliance, while enabling content experts to fine-tune rules.

  • Manage permissions through dynamic access
  • Control access independent of location
  • Control the distribution of and keep critical documents in SharePoint
  • Provide secure document viewing with a zero footprint reader
  • Prevent downloads to desktop and mobiles
  • Lower the costs of managing sites