Compliance Sheriff

Your Unmanaged Content is Putting Your Organization at Risk

Whatever platform an organization might be using, Compliance Sheriff ensures that online content complies with accessibility, privacy, quality, and custom standards and regulations.  It enables customers to quickly identify and correct problems and track improvement throughout all of their web properties. 

Ask your key stakeholders, privacy and policy managers, IT staff, marketing and web managers to assess the following questions.

  1. How vulnerable are you today?
  2. Can you identify inaccessible content, confidential information, inappropriate language, or other governance violations?
  3. How do you ensure that content starts and stays compliant?

See how Compliance Sheriff’s accessibility, privacy, site quality and brand compliance enforcement is different.

Cryptzone Provides a Repeatable, Practical and Measurable Solution for Web Compliance

Take back control of your content by translating your paper-based governance policies into a repeatable and enforceable process using Cryptzone’s content-aware compliance automation solution. Enforce corporate guidelines and standards within websites, intranets, extranets, web applications and social computing sites to stay ahead of the explosion of content. Compliance Sheriff provides users with a means to monitor online content for potential compliance issues across digital environments – keeping information safe, appropriate and within regulatory guidelines. Compliance Sheriff automates content compliance to address a wide range of web governance issues including web accessibility, privacy factors, site quality and brand integrity. 

As the solution scans and identifies areas of risk or detects specific policy violations, automated email notifications alert site administrators and any other manager affected by the specific content – accessibility managers, privacy officers, marketing managers, etc. – to potential issues so they can be addressed quickly.

Compliance Sheriff helps solve the problem of training your expanding global team.  Using Cryptzone’s centralized collection of checkpoints, managers can distribute and track every team’s criteria, holding everyone and every page to the same standards.  As governments enact new regulations, Cryptzone’s experts implement new checkpoints that can be easily imposed on the appropriate teams with minimal training.

Benefits of Compliance Sheriff

  • Ensure web compliance after all context-aware and dynamic content is loaded by rendering the presentation layer before scanning for compliance.
  • Assure compliance with federal and international accessibility guidelines to reduce the risk of litigation and penalties.
  • Increase site usage by making all of your web properties accessible to people with disabilities (WCAG, Section 508, AODA, Canada's Standard on Accessibility).
  • Prevent privacy breaches involving personal and health information.
  • Protect confidential company and OPSEC information from leaking to the public through online exposure.
  • Web content and applications, as well as Microsoft Office and PDF documents can be validated for any compliance regulation including custom rules.
  • Drive brand loyalty and improve customer experience by letting users access your web properties however they wish. Require compliance on all mobile devices, all browsers, and any screen resolution.
  • Monitor sites for brand integrity and site quality issues, including missing SEO keywords, inconsistent logos, broken links, typos, changed pages, and site up/down monitoring to promote site excellence.
  • Top level executive report view and issue drill down for content and QA managers.
  • Test content in the production environment prior to publishing.
  • Track the “compliance health” of all your web properties and the performance of your entire organization against compliance goals.
  • Shibboleth integration offers single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

Content Compliance Standards for:

Web Accessibility

How many users with disabilities turn away from your public and intranet websites and due to accessibility issues? You could be alienating as much as 20% of your employees, customers and prospects. Automating web accessibility compliance with applicable standards including WCAG, Section 508, AODA, and Canada’s Web Accessibility Standard, to name a few, can increase participation while reducing costs and the chance of litigation. Also, your users are accessing your websites from multiple devices and tools, so Compliance Sheriff includes Mobile Web Best Practices as part of accessibility.

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OPSEC Information Assurance

Protect confidential and secure information: trade secrets, insider information, M&A, redacted content and OPSEC (Operational Security) information. Validate for compliance with data and information security guidelines and identify problem or exposed security areas. Measure and manage risk and compliance across the organization; and allocate resources appropriately.

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Unregulated online content can compromise personal and health information (PII/PHI) such as passwords, credit cards and HIPAA identifiers. Reduce risk and cost through automated enforcement of your content privacy rules.

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Brand Integrity & Site Quality

Make a great impression online - every minute of every day. Your public website is the face you show to the world. Broken links, typos, slow pages or inappropriate language reflect directly on your brand image. Improper SEO keywords don’t help either. Build brand integrity, consistency and quality into your site with Compliance Sheriff.

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Content and Development Lifecycle Solutions

Designed to work in conjunction with Compliance Sheriff, the optional Compliance Deputy module provides an on-demand browser-based solution to allow developers and content contributors to test and identify errors for remediation prior to publishing in the production environment.

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