AppGate for Azure

AppGate for Azure: Secure User Access

Cryptzone’s AppGate provides network access control complementing Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security solutions and Azure Active Directory tools to protect Azure workloads and deliver identity protection and adaptive application access control.

How AppGate Secures Access to Azure Environments

AppGate goes beyond Microsoft’s security solutions to leverage Microsoft native user and device context to allow network access to, and only to, user-authenticated instances and services in the Azure environment.

While Microsoft provides each of your employees with a single protected common identity for secure, risk-based access to applications, AppGate leverages this information to provide a segment of one for each user and device combination. This ensures that the context of the user and the device is evaluated in real-time before AppGate provides network access to the user-authenticated instances and services in the Azure environment, making all other instances/resources invisible.

AppGate is a scalable and fault-tolerant distributed access system that creates a unique access filter for each user/device combination.

AppGate Network Access Control Adapts in Real-Time

With Microsoft’s provision of single protected common identities, AppGate provides network access control that automatically adapts in real-time to changing condition on the client side as well as on the cloud infrastructure side. Every new instance that is added or removed is automatically traced and added or removed from the access filter, without needing to change policies.

Is AppGate for Azure Right for your Business?

Azure customers with robust DevOps needs, dynamic environments, and a heightened need for security and compliance-driven access controls gain significant value from AppGate.



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