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HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff® SP for SharePoint and Office 365

Unstructured SharePoint and Office 365 Content is Putting Your Organization at Risk

With more than 65,000 customers and counting, there’s little doubt that SharePoint is rapidly becoming one of the market’s most widely deployed enterprise content management (ECM) systems. But despite this rapid adoption, gaps in SharePoint remain, particularly when it comes to data compliance and the management of private or otherwise sensitive content. In fact, only 20 % of the respondents to AIIM’s 2011 survey indicated they had sufficient confidence in SharePoint security to store sensitive information. And more than 60% of organizations surveyed have yet to bring SharePoint into line with their existing compliance policies.1

SharePoint and Office 365 Collaboration Without the Compliance Risks

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP is an award-winning content-aware compliance solution for SharePoint and Office 365. Compliance Sheriff SP allows organizations to realize the full collaboration potential of SharePoint and Office 365 while mitigating the risk of a privacy breach and ensuring compliance with specific regulations and internal policies including PII, PHI, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH and custom guidelines. With Compliance Sheriff SP organizations can:

    Scan IconINSPECT

    Organizations can scan information at rest within their SharePoint and Office 365 sites against hundreds of existing and easily configurable policy checkpoints to assess the level of sensitive information present and identify compliance issues. In addition, Compliance Sheriff SP also scans data in motion against these or custom corporate policies as documents are added, updated or moved in and out of your SharePoint environment.

    Report IconAUDIT

    Through the policy dashboard, Compliance Sheriff SP provides executives and policy managers with visibility into SharePoint’s compliance status. Via standard reports, compliance and privacy officers get real-time insight into the compliance status of the SharePoint environment, can identify teams or departments where issues are recurring, and measure progress against compliance objectives over time. The reporting function also provides a detailed analysis of red flag issues allowing users to quickly identify and remediate issues.

    Classify IconCLASSIFY

    As Compliance Sheriff SP identifies potentially sensitive content, at rest or in motion, it can dynamically tag the content with metadata that identifies it as having a certain level of risk or as containing sensitive information.

    Content scans are triggered:

    • By the HiSoftware Policy Manager as it scans data at rest within a specific SharePoint site or library
    • Automatically as new documents and items are added to SharePoint
    • By authorized users when they create and/or edit an individual document or content item

    Authorized users can also reclassify documents through the ribbon in SharePoint or with the Office Connectors.

    A number of basic classification categories come standard with the solution, however, an organization may easily customize any number of new classification categories for their specific needs.

    Once an item is classified by Compliance Sheriff SP the classification values can then be utilized by the optional HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP product to automatically restrict, track and encrypt documents, as well as prevent distribution by unauthorized users. Classification can also aid in e-discovery, search and retrieval, and provide a persistent form of identification for sensitive content as your SharePoint environment grows and evolves.

    Quarantine IconQUARANTINE

    Immediately quarantine documents upon upload using sheriff workflow to stop them from being distributed or moved in SharePoint. Workflows can be designed to match the complex needs of any organization.

    Workflow IconCONTROL

    Compliance Sheriff SP can trigger workflows to quarantine, move, request approval from policy officers / managers or request explanations from users. Complete business rules can be developed so that you can remediate compliance issues and/or task the proper individual(s) in the organization to review and potentially classify, re-classify or encrypt the content. Workflow can also be used to prevent the publication of confidential documents. Organizations can also block documents from being added, published or moved in SharePoint. HiSoftware has built special purpose connectors for integrating with Nintex Workflow to create custom actions.

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1 Source: AIIM’s 2011 ‘State of the ECM Industry’

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