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HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Windows

Secure Collaboration of SharePoint Content in Microsoft Windows

    Do you have control over the content in your organization as its being created, shared and stored?

    Are you confident that sensitive or regulated information is secure and only available to the appropriate individuals?

    How can you do this without impacting the productivity of your high-valued knowledge workers?

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Windows works in conjunction with Compliance Sheriff SP and Security Sheriff SP to extend the policies and automated security features defined in them to ensure secure collaboration of SharePoint content on your users’ workstations and laptops.

The SharePoint Security Challenge

Enterprise collaboration is crucial to business today. The benefits of platforms like SharePoint are great; but so are the risks. The amount of unstructured content that is being created, stored and shared through SharePoint on a daily basis can be staggering. Organizations struggle with how to put processes in place to ensure that information is created, shared and stored in accordance with company and regulatory policies and how to secure sensitive content without hindering collaboration.

The key to success is automating compliance and security policies and processes to prevent and control how SharePoint users share information. HiSoftware can help.

Content-aware Compliance and Security for SharePoint

The HiSoftware Sheriff™ suite of solutions for SharePoint allows users to easily define and configure checkpoints for their own unique privacy and security policies without costly consulting and/or programming resources. As the solution scans and identifies areas of risk or detects specific policy violations, the flagged item is classified via the addition of Sheriff metadata. Once classified, user-defined business rules can automatically restrict access to the item, encrypt it, track the document’s chain of custody, and prevent it from leaving SharePoint.

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Windows

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Windows leverages the rules and workflows that you define in HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff® SP and HiSoftware Security Sheriff™ SP to extend those policies and controls to SharePoint content when a user accesses it from their workstation or laptop.

It can be used to control the distribution of and viewing of sensitive content to unauthorized users. It can also track the entire lifecycle of documents. This means that a policy manager or security officer can see if and when a document has been read, emailed and by whom. A document’s entire “chain of custody” is recorded and easily available in the event of a breach or a regulatory audit.

To further extend the tracking process you can also define rules in Security Sheriff to warn users on or prevent the distribution of sensitive information or confidential documents.

Sheriff Workspace Windows includes the HiSoftware Sheriff™ Office® Connectors which are installed as add-ins to control and track SharePoint documents accessed and created in Microsoft Office®,
and enable users to set document classifications from within Office programs.

HiSoftware Sheriff Office Connectors

Sheriff Workspace Windows includes the Sheriff Office Connectors to prevent users from printing and saving Office documents outside of SharePoint. It also allows individual content contributors to scan and classify content on its way into and out of SharePoint from within the familiar Microsoft ribbon interface in Office programs based on pre-defined policies and rules set in Compliance Sheriff and Security Sheriff.

In Outlook® it prevents users from emailing SharePoint documents and allows individual content contributors to scan and classify emails and attachments from within the familiar Microsoft ribbon interface based on pre-defined policies and rules set in Compliance Sheriff SP and Security Sheriff SP. For example, if a document is going to be emailed to a group and a listed recipient does not have proper access to that category of document, the email cannot be sent until that individual is removed from the distribution list.

Learn more about the HiSoftware Suite of Solutions for SharePoint:

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