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HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Mobile

Secure Collaboration of SharePoint Mobile Content

    Do you have control over the content in your organization as its being created, shared and stored on mobile devices?

    Are you confident that sensitive or regulated information is secure and only available to the appropriate individuals?

    How can you do this without impacting the productivity of your high-valued knowledge workers?

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Mobile works in conjunction with HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP and HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP to extend the policies and automated security features defined in them to ensure secure collaboration of SharePoint content on your users’ iPads and mobile devices. 

Improve the Speed of Business with Mobile Collaboration without the Fear of Data Leakage

The explosion of bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies in companies offers the promise of increased productivity for contributors and managers. Gartner predicts that 80% of businesses will support mobile tablet computers, like the iPad, across their enterprise by 2013. With SharePoint rapidly becoming the collaborative content management system of choice, it is inevitable that SharePoint content will appear on iPads. In fact in a recent AIIM survey on SharePoint Security, 78% of respondents felt that mobile access to content is important to their organization. The AIIM survey also showed that only 24% have security concerns about allowing mobile access to content,1 suggesting that many organizations do not fully understand the ramifications of allowing mobile access to sensitive content.

For example, what happens if an iPad is stolen? How do you control managers using company confidential documents on iPads, while still allowing them to share other unclassified documents? When access permissions to a confidential document are changed in SharePoint, will the file be removed from the users’ iPad?

Unfortunately, most security solutions for iPads prevent or discourage collaboration. Some iPad security solutions prevent users from editing, emailing and printing documents. This heavy-handed approach prevents collaboration. However, if the security is removed then users are free to distribute any document to anyone, anywhere at any time. Other security solutions rely on manually setting the permissions on every file, but that’s time-consuming and suppresses both collaboration and productivity.

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace™ Mobile allows organization to secure sensitive content at the document level, such as board documents, financials and M&A information, without hindering collaboration and maximizing SharePoint investment. By extending the same policy controls, tracking, content restrictions found in the native SharePoint environment to the iPad, organizations can mitigate mobile risk more effectively to prevent unauthorized distribution of information and damaging information breaches.

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace™ Mobile

The HiSoftware Sheriff™ suite of solutions for SharePoint allows users to easily define and configure checkpoints for their own unique privacy, organizational and security policies without costly consulting and/or programming resources. As the solution scans and identifies areas of risk or detects specific policy violations, the flagged item is classified via the addition of secure Sheriff metadata. Once classified,

user-defined business rules can automatically restrict access to the item, encrypt it, track the document’s chain of custody, and prevent it from leaving SharePoint.

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Mobile leverages the policies and rules that you define in HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP and HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP to extend those policies and controls to content when a user accesses it from their iPad.It can be used to control the distribution of and viewing of sensitive content to unauthorized users. It can also track the entire lifecycle of documents. This means that a policy manager or security officer can see if and when a document has been read, emailed and by whom.

A document’s entire “chain of custody” is recorded and easily available in the event of a breach or a regulatory audit. To further extend the tracking process you can also define rules in Security Sheriff SP to warn users on or prevent the distribution of sensitive information or confidential documents.

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Mobile can be used to:

  • Control the distribution of and viewing of sensitive or confidential content to unauthorized users on mobile devices;
  • Track the entire lifecycle of documents;
  • Warn users on or prevent the distribution of sensitive information or confidential documents; and
  • Remotely remove confidential files and if necessary wipe all the documents on the iPad in the event of a breach.

With Sheriff Workspace Mobile, documents are immediately protected with:

  • iPad pin to unlock
  • Item level encryption to prevent backdoor access to documents
  • Username and password login (same as on their laptop)

Administrators can remotely:

  • Remove confidential files immediately
  • If necessary wipe all the documents

Sheriff Workspace Mobile allows organizations to secure sensitive content without hindering collaboration to mitigate mobile risk more effectively and maximize SharePoint investment.


Learn more about the HiSoftware Suite of Solutions for SharePoint:

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