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Compliance Solutions to Fit Your Industry

Every organization is concerned that its external and internal sites comply with their standards for privacy, data and information security, accessibility, site quality and brand integrity. Certain industries have specific needs due to the industry’s regulations and the manner in which they leverage online sites. HiSoftware has checkpoints for specific compliance requirements for the following industries:

Solutions for Financial Services

Financial Services companies’ compliance concerns are focused on protecting their corporate clients’ confidential information and their consumers’ personal information. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) defines the consumer’s privacy rights. HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff enables financial services organizations to prevent online privacy breaches and confidential information leaks.

Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Payers

The HITECH act of 2009 significantly strengthened HIPAA and has healthcare providers and health insurers even more concerned about patient privacy in general and online privacy in particular. Healthcare providers and payers are increasingly using external and internal sites to improve customer service, collaborate online, and increase employee productivity. HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff protects against privacy breaches of PHI and PII.

Solutions for Retail 

Online retailers concerned with best practices and extending their online reach to all audiences are checking their websites for accessibility to enable users with disabilities to browse their sites and purchase products online. Along with increasing revenue, this effort reduces the risk of litigation due to in-accessibility. Online retailers can also use compliance automation to protect their customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Using HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff enables faster detection and resolution of non-compliant content.

Solutions for Federal Government 

The Federal government has been very successful with its Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 effort with agency employees relying heavily on intranet sites and internal social sites to service the needs of their constituents, corporations, organizations, suppliers and other Federal agencies via public websites, extranets, and social computing portals: blogs, wikis, and forums. HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff enables government agencies to address compliance concerns: accessibility (Section 508 and WCAG), privacy (PII and SSI), data and information security (OPSEC), brand integrity and site quality.

Solutions for State and Local Government 

The Internet is dramatically changing the way that the government serves the public with state and local government agencies offering citizens and businesses a host of services including: providing information about government services, renewing driver's licenses, providing tax information, file for benefits, applying for jobs, obtain building permits, etc. HiSoftware’s compliance solutions provide state and local government agencies with the ability to monitor content for potential compliance issues – keeping information safe, appropriate and within regulatory guidelines.

Solutions for Higher Education

Colleges and universities face unique challenges in accessibility and privacy compliance due to the diverse groups that they interact with online: applicants, students, parents, alumni, faculty, and employees. HiSoftware's compliance solutions for validation, remediation and ongoing monitoring of university and campus Websites, intranets, Web applications and e-learning systems for accessibility (Section 508/WCAG), privacy (PII and PHI), brand integrity and site quality, and data and information security.

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