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Global Accessibility Awareness Day Webinar @gbla11yday

Testing for Accessibility – What You Need to Know for a Successful Testing Effort 

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, HiSoftware has prepared a special 30 minute on demand Webinar on “Testing for Accessibility – What You Need to Know for a Successful Testing Effort.”

Jeff Singleton, a veteran accessibility tester, will provide an overview of what is involved in testing for accessibility. He will explain the pitfalls of relying solely on automated testing tools or strictly on disabled and real world testers for accessibility evaluations.

Demonstrations using different Assistive Technologies (AT) will show the importance of understanding the purpose and use of these tools for accurate accessibility testing. Many misconceptions and mistakes can be made when limited knowledge of AT is all that is employed during the testing efforts. The benefit of using automated testing tools to enhance and complete the review process will also be discussed.

By viewing this Webinar you will learn the basics of accessibility testing and how a third party solution can be used to validate and verify the accessibility of websites. More importantly, it will arm attendees with what questions to ask when choosing a vendor to assist with your testing efforts and what features to look for in an automated scanning solution.

By watching this 30 minute session you will:
  • Gain a solid foundation and understanding of the basics of accessibility testing
  • Apply insight to attendees’ own accessibility testing efforts
  • Receive guidance on selecting third party solutions for accessibility testing

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