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New Webinars and On Demand Webinars

We recognize that your time is valuable. With that in mind, we have developed live and on demand Webinars to deliver valuable information on relevant compliance and technology topics in a time-conscious 30-60 minute format. Newer events are listed first. For more information on HiSoftware events or to request a HiSoftware speaker for your event please contact HiSoftware's marketing department at For a listing of our tradeshows, speaking engagements and user meetings please visit our Events page.


New Webinars

Overview of Global IT Accessibility Laws and Policies

Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Time: 11:00 a.m. Eastern (UTC - 4 hours)
Length: 1.5 hours
Speaker: Ken Nakata, Director, Accessibility Consulting Practice, HiSoftware
Target Audience: Everyone
Skill Level: Beginner and Intermediate

This webinar is a high-level overview of global IT accessibility laws and policies. The presentation will start with an analysis of U.S. laws and policies with a goal of creating a general conceptual framework for understanding how different laws and policies fit together. It will then extend this framework more broadly to include examples from other nations. This approach will help audience members understand how to examine any country’s IT laws and policies, harmonize elements that might otherwise seem inconsistent, and identify where gaps still exist.

View more information about the Overview of Global IT Accessibility Laws and Policies webinar. 

European SharePoint & Office 365 Training Week Session

Title: Extending Your Identity and Data Security Controls to Azure and Office 365 
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
Live Time: 4:00PM CET 
Speaker: Chris McNulty, CTO, Cryptzone, USA

This webinar will help ensure you have a clear understanding of: The impact of Office 365 on your governance approach; Migration, federation and synchronization; The roadmap for extending our on premises user identity to Azure Active Directory; Cloud vs. Hybrid environments and how to extend and automate on-premises data protection policies to the Cloud.

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On Demand Webinars

Some of our past Webinars are available to view on demand as a recording using Microsoft Office Live Meeting High-Fidelity Presentation or Microsoft Office Live Meeting Replay.

Extending Your Data Security Controls to Office 365

Struggling with how to secure information on Office 365? 

The ease of access and availability of Office 365 has made it a compelling platform for many enterprises, in addition to its cost advantages. But it also brings many challenges. Is it safe to store confidential information in the cloud? How can it be secured? Can data protection policies be centralized across on-premises and Cloud environments?

HiSoftware has a tradition of automating compliance and security governance on-premises. During this session SharePoint MVP Chris McNulty will review how you can seamlessly extend the same automatic policies and controls from your on-premises SharePoint environment to Office 365.

This webinar will help ensure you have a clear understanding of:

  • The impact of Office 365 on your governance approach
  • Cloud vs. Hybrid environments
  • How to extend and automate on-premises data protection policies to the Cloud
View the on Demand Webinar

Taking Down the 2 Giants of Inaccessible Web Content

Need to make your web content accessible but don’t know where to start?

You know that you need to be thinking about web and document accessibility, but understanding how it applies to you and where to start can be a challenge.

During this session we will look at the basics of web accessibility, and solutions to help you automate testing and remediation of Web content, Microsoft Office and PDF documents in compliance with standards including Section 508 and WCAG.

In this webinar session you will learn:

• What accessibility is and the different standards that govern it
• About faster, easier and more efficient ways to:

     o Identify inaccessible web content and documents
     o Remediate web content including Office and PDF documents

View the on Demand Webinar

HIPAA & Secure Information Governance - Myths, Realities & Practical Solutions

Information security is top of mind in light of recent high profile breaches impacting millions of consumers. If you’re a healthcare organization the need to protect patient data is paramount. The laws are getting more stringent and oversight from agencies other than HHS is around the corner. To further complicate matters, technology including the cloud and mobile, are rapidly expand the ways providers and payers share, store and access information. Keeping data safe and in compliance with not just HIPAA, but other mandates that govern personal and payment data, has become even more challenging.

Ken Rashbaum head of Barton LLP’s Privacy and Cyber-Security Practice and HiSoftware’s Chris McNulty discuss HIPAA & Secure Information Governance - Myths, Realities & Practical Solutions. 

View On Demand Webinar

Reining in Sites and Permissions in SharePoint with Site Sheriff

SharePoint Site Headaches? Every year, the volume of enterprise content in SharePoint grows. Now, more than ever, organization are also using SharePoint for mission-critical, confidential, sensitive or highly regulated documents. Microsoft has made great strides in capacity and performance - but the scale of content management is daunting for most IT teams. Setting up individual permissions on each separate document is overwhelming; and the sprawling architecture of thousands of small redundant sites is just as challenging. 

Trying to address these issues with native tools is difficult. At HiSoftware, we understand your needs. This on demand Webinar with SharePoint MVP Chris McNulty will show you how to solve these problems with our latest solution, HiSoftware Site Sheriff for SharePoint.

View The On Demand Webinar

Identifying SharePoint's Most Wanted Governance Offenders and Practical Solutions to Stop them in their Tracks

SharePoint creates a Wild West of unstructured content. The result, despite training and helpful reminders, is users having a hard time remembering the rules around data governance, inadvertently putting their organizations at risk.

This session exposes SharePoint’s Most Wanted characters, their sometimes risky behavior and annoying habits and offers practical solutions to stop them in their tracks.

In this Webinar session we'll explore:

  • SharePoint’s Most Wanted offenders and how their actions impact collaboration and can expose you to risk.
  • Where organizations typically fail in their efforts to secure collaboration.
  • How to secure collaboration in SharePoint so only the right people have access to the right content.
  • How to secure content without impacting collaboration to better leverage ROI in SharePoint.

View The On Demand Webinar

Meet our Latest Solution, HiSoftware Security Sheriff for File Shares

Compliance auditing, granular document security and tracking capabilities for Windows Server File Share content

The new Security Sheriff for File Shares helps organizations manage and automate compliance with policies for content security, compliance and privacy. It performs several key functions:

  • Scans existing file share content. This process identifies sensitive documents by looking at their entire contents. This is a key concern for companies who have accumulated massive amounts of data on file shares, and often do not know where or how much sensitive data exists; and
  • Auto-classifies content to control access and set distribution restrictions. Once sensitive data is identified, Security Sheriff uses metadata-driven, item-level security to automatically classify content to restrict access and control what can be done with it. This includes encrypting the information or restricting document actions, including print, save as, copy and email, based on the level of sensitive information contained within.
  • Tracks who has accessed the data and what actions have been performed, to better aid auditing and risk management.

Organizations using Windows Server File Shares in addition to SharePoint for storage and collaboration can leverage Security Sheriff’s rules across both platforms to centrally manage policies, classifications and controls.

View the On Demand Webinar to see a demonstration of Compliance Sheriff and learn how you can rein in compliance and secure collaboration with Security Sheriff.

Taming the Wild, Wild West of Enterprise Content Security

451 Research’s Wendy Nather and HiSoftware Talk Content Security

File shares, SharePoint, and content security woes. Everyone has them, but how do you tame them and bring them in line with regulatory and organizational policies to secure sensitive content without stifling collaboration?

This session offers insight on the real-world challenges customers experience daily and steps that organizations can take to protect content while still realizing the benefits of collaboration.

451 Research’s Wendy Nather, Research Director of the enterprise security practice provides an overview of the systems and security concerns that plague companies. Nather also leads a Q&A session with HiSoftware CEO Kurt Mueffelmann where they discuss the challenges of managing content security across the enterprise and offer strategies and solutions for reining in compliance and security.

View the on Demand Webinar

Can Your Enterprise Social Strategy Survive Without Governance and Security?

Collaboration may well be the business buzzword of the century. Companies are increasingly adopting enterprise social computing to support efficient communications, employee knowledge sharing, and enhanced innovation.

However, on-going dialogue, the cornerstone of social computing, can leave the IT department, risk managers and compliance managers asking themselves a number of questions: Is our sensitive and regulated content secure? Are we complying with our governance policy? Do our end users understand our governance strategy? Do we have a process in place to monitor? Eric Adams of NewsGator and Brenton West of HiSoftware discuss how to approach and implement governance in the social enterprise in this on demand webinar.

View the on Demand Webinar

Video: Managing Compliance & Security Risk in SharePoint

Take 5 minutes and learn how to manage SharePoint Compliance & Security Risk in 6 easy steps!

This animated version of our popular Infographic shows that effective compliance is not just about having a governance strategy in place, but also the ability to manage risk by identifying issues and potential violations, and have a process in place for resolution and fine tuning. This video lays out a step-by-step process; from defining your compliance strategy, to implementing HiSoftware's suite of solutions for identifying and managing compliance and security issues in SharePoint to help protect your organization.

Click on the video thumbnail to start.

View Video: Managing Compliance Risk

Global Accessibility Day Webinar: Testing for Accessibility – What to You Need to Know for a Successful Testing Effort

In honor of Global Accessibility Day, HiSoftware has prepared a special 30 minute on demand Webinar on “Testing for Accessibility – What to You Need to Know for a Successful Testing Effort.” Jeff Singleton, a veteran accessibility tester, will provide an overview of what is involved in testing for accessibility. He will explain the pitfalls of relying solely on automated testing tools or strictly on disabled and real world testers for accessibility evaluations.

Learn More or View the Webinar

Get Your GRC House in Order: Fundamental Steps Before Employing an Automated Solution

Your organization could be at risk because of the scattered and disconnected approaches of past compliance information and processes. To prevent unanticipated risk exposure, your organization may require a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) strategy that takes into account a thorough understanding of the state of your environment.

So how do you get your GRC house in order?

Michael Rasmussen of Corporate Integrity will answer just that in a complimentary webinar that will examine why organizations need to develop a strategic plan to manage GRC information and processes, and how to put a plan in place. Topics will include:

  • Managing scattered GRC information
  • How isolated risk and compliance initiatives introduce greater risk
  • Why siloed GRC information and processes are ineffective
  • Fundamental steps to establishing your GRC strategy

After an organization has accomplished these steps, it is then ready to think of GRC technology platforms that align to the needs of the organization instead of retrofitting a GRC strategic plan into a system that may not be the right one for the organization.

View the On Demand Recording

Analyst Webinar: Tackle the “Big Data” Compliance Challenge With SharePoint

Michael Rasmussen - Corporate Integrity LLC
Eric Darbe – HiSoftware Inc. 

While many compliance professionals currently view SharePoint as a risk, it can be a key component of an effective information governance and regulatory compliance strategy. Learn how transform SharePoint into a compliance asset for your organization in the Webinar featuring the father of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Michael Rasmussen, and HiSoftware.

Learn More or View the Recording

What You Don’t Know About Your SharePoint Content Can Hurt You

Audience Content and Collaboration Managers; Privacy and Compliance Officers; Corporate Risk Officers; SharePoint Administrators and Business Analysts

Duration: 60 minutes


Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software, The 451 Group

Is Your SharePoint Site a Compliance and Security Risk?   

A record number of global organizations are turning to SharePoint as the solution to their ECM challenges. In fact, recent survey data suggests that more than 70% of large organizations* are already using it. But gaps in SharePoint adoption and business-readiness remain, particularly when it comes to data compliance and the management of private or otherwise sensitive content.

Learn More or View Now


Audience: HIPAA Directors, HIM Directors, EHR Directors, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Security Officer, Director of Information Security, VP of Information Security, Chief Compliance Officer, Risk Managers

Duration: 60 minutes

Fernando M. Pinguelo – Partner, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus and co-Chair of its eDiscovery group
Kenneth Rashbaum – Principal, Rashbaum Associates, LLC

The electronic health record (EHR) was hailed as an innovation that would improve productivity and reduce the cost of care for both patients and providers. However, the possibility of a security breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) through EHR use—and the associated HIPAA/HITECH fines—often overshadows the potential benefits. An electronic information governance program, complete with privacy compliance monitoring, can help hospitals and physicians mitigate these risks while enabling the secure sharing of healthcare data.

View the Recording

Risks and Rewards of SharePoint 2010 - How a FTSE 100 Company tackled the intranet challenge

Duration: 60 minutes

Presenter: Mark Morrell, former BT Intranet Manager and intranet pioneer

Implementing SharePoint 2010? Thinking of Implementing SharePoint 2010? 

This on demand Webinar featuring guest speaker Mark Morrell, former BT Intranet Manager and intranet pioneer, will help you understand the risks and rewards of implementing SharePoint 2010.

In this Webinar we will take a first-hand look at some of the strategies for implementing SharePoint 2010 including:
  • Help guide an organisation from initial consideration of SharePoint 2010, through a successful implementation and most importantly beyond
  • Show examples of how to ensure an effective content governance framework, and define organisational standards
  • Discuss how automated compliance solutions can be incorporated to help protect against non-compliant or inappropriate content
  • Highlight how to make the right technology decisions for your business to maximise the rewards that collaboration brings and avoid any risks or pitfalls.
View the Recording

Webinar: Making the SharePoint Framework Accessible for Users with Disabilities

Audience: SharePoint Accessibility Managers, SharePoint Administrators
Duration: 60 minutes

In this Webinar you will learn best practices for meeting SharePoint accessibility compliance and see how the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff® Accessibility Foundation Module" (AFM) for SharePoint®, now enhanced with the Telerik RadEditor®, will help you achieve and maintain framework accessibility.

Learn More or View the Recording

Webinar: Understanding and Planning for the Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Audience: Accessibility Managers, Webmasters, Web Q&A
Duration: 45 minutes

Plan and prepare for the coming changes to the ADA which promises Federal Regulation of websites. In this recorded Webinar HiSoftware discusses how these regulations will affect organizations across the US. We share unique insight into the direction that the new regulations are heading - and how your organization can prepare for the coming changes.

Learn More or View the Recording

Webinar: School is Back in Session But Are Your Websites Accessible? Is Users’ Privacy Protected?

Audience: Accessibility Managers, Compliance Officers, Webmasters, Web Q&A
Duration: 60 minutes

School is Back in Session, But Are Your Websites Accessible? Is Users’ Privacy Protected?

In the recorded Webinar HiSoftware shares their time tested experience on managing Web accessibility and privacy compliance for Higher Education. HiSoftware shares best practices and solutions for managing content compliance around accessibility and privacy. Colleges and universities face some unique challenges in accessibility and privacy compliance due to the diverse groups that they interact with online: applicants, students, parents, alumni, faculty, and employees. Higher Education has been at the forefront of leveraging the Web to increase information sharing and reduce cost, but accessibility and privacy issues still lurk on servers on campuses around the world.

Learn More or View the Recording

Webinar: Using Compliance Automation to Reduce the Risk of an Online HIPAA Breach

Audience: HIPAA Directors, HIM Directors, EHR Directors, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Security Officer, Director of Information Security, VP of Information Security, Chief Compliance Officer, Risk Managers

Duration: 60 minutes

Prevent Online HIPAA and HITECH Breaches with Compliance Automation

Human error caused the largest health insurer in the United States to expose the records of over 470,000 applicants from 14 states on the Internet for 5 months in 2010. The records contained Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and resulted in one of the largest HIPAA violations ever recorded. While the breach is still being investigated, the possible costs to the health insurer will most likely rise into the millions of dollars from lawsuits and fines from the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights. Could this have been prevented?

Learn More or View the Recording

Using Compliance Automation to Reduce the Risk of an Online Privacy Breach or Confidentiality Leaks

Audience: Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Security Officer, Director of Information Security, VP of Information Security, Chief Compliance Officer, Risk Managers

Duration: 60 minutes

Prevent Online Privacy Breaches and Confidentiality Leaks with Compliance Automation

Financial Services companies are entrusted with consumers’ personal data and their corporate customers’ confidential information. With tens of thousands of web pages and a broad range of Web properties (websites, extranets, intranets, blogs, wikis, forums), Financial Services institutions are faced with a substantial challenge in meeting online privacy and confidentiality compliance. The risks are significant: fines by regulatory agencies, lawsuits, lost clients. Automating your organization’s compliance with government regulations and organizational guidelines reduces the risk of an online privacy breach or confidentiality leak, and in some cases can even prevent the breach from happening.

Learn More or View the Recording

Web Accessibility Demystified - Guidance for College and University Administrators

Audience: This Webinar is for university and college administrators responsible for: Institutional and legal compliance, Brand / institutional integrity, Equal access and inclusionary practices, Web operations

Duration: 60 minutes

Join Web accessibility compliance experts from Systems Alliance and HiSoftware for a one-hour Webinar, “Web Accessibility Demystified - Guidance for College and University Administrators.”

Learn More or View the Recording

Content Privacy and Security in the WikiLeaks Era

Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Practice

Audience: Corporate Content, Privacy and Compliance Officers; Corporate Risk Officers; Data and Information Security Professionals; Information Assurance Officers
Presented by:
Michael Rasmussen, J.D., OCEG Fellow, CCEP, CISSP
Founder and President, Corporate Integrity LLC

Given the media phenomenon of WikiLeaks and other widespread coverage regarding leaked documents and the exposure of sensitive information, more and more enterprises are waking up to the risks of content security both within their organization, such as internal SharePoint sites or other file stores, and on the Web. Given the explosion of online data via social computing and other collaborative channels, do you truly understand the nature and composition of the digital content within your organization, and can you validate whether or not that content is in compliance with regulatory and other policy guidelines for privacy and confidentiality?

Learn More or View the Recording

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