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HiSoftware Channel Partner Program

Join HiSoftware’s growing ecosystem of global partners and resellers to expand client relationships, grow additional revenue streams and help your customers meet their requirements for SharePoint content-aware compliance.

The Leader in Content-aware Compliance and Security Solutions for SharePoint

 Are your clients and prospects concerned about:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), or other non-compliant content being stored in SharePoint®?
  • Securing, restricting access to and preventing the unauthorized distribution of sensitive information stored in SharePoint?
  • Deploying social computing tools such as blogs, wikis, or forums within their SharePoint environment while protecting private or otherwise sensitive corporate information?
  • How to ensure their SharePoint sites are compliant with Web accessibility guidelines such as Section 508 and WCAG 2?

Solve your customers Content Compliance and Security Challenges With HiSoftware

For more than 10 years, HiSoftware has delivered best of breed Web governance, privacy, accessibility and site quality solutions to global leaders in both the private sector, as well as the public sector.

With the HiSoftware Sheriff™ suite of solutions for SharePoint, the company now offers the same powerful functionality for digital content auditing, monitoring and security to the fast-growing SharePoint community. HiSoftware offers complementary ISVs and other system integrators a unique opportunity to grow new revenue streams while responding to the mounting need for greater privacy and compliance controls.

Fully integrated with SharePoint, HiSoftware’s content-aware compliance and security suite, HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff and HiSoftware Security Sheriff, complement the platform’s powerful content publishing and collaboration features by continuously auditing data and documents for compliance requirements such as privacy, information security, accessibility, site quality and brand integrity. Along with the hundreds of checkpoints built-into HiSoftware’s policy manager, HiSoftware’s suite of solutions allow users to easily define and configure checkpoints for their own unique privacy and security policies without costly consulting and/or programming resources. As the solution scans and identifies areas of risk or detects specific policy violations, the flagged item is classified via the addition of Sheriff metadata. Once classified, user-defined business rules can automatically restrict access to the item, encrypt it, track the document’s chain of custody, and prevent it from leaving SharePoint.

Commitment to Building Successful, Long-term Relationships

The HiSoftware Channel Partner Program is committed to building successful, long-term relationships. As partners increase their commitment to HiSoftware, the level of sales, marketing, and technical support increases as well, offering greater opportunities for revenue growth.

The program offers several levels of participation designed to meet the various business and resource needs of prospective partners. Services Partner, Referral Partner and Business Partner levels are designed to meet the various business and resource needs of prospective partners.

Become a Partner

If you are interested learning more or becoming a HiSoftware partner please visit Become a Partner, send email to or to speak directly with a channel sales representative about a specific client or project need, please call us.

View the Partner List to see who is already partnered with us and taking advantage.

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