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One of the biggest risks to organizations is the exposure of private, sensitive or confidential data being made public or accessed by the wrong individual. HiSoftware's compliance and security solutions mitigate risk by actively monitoring content to give organizations the power to easily and more effectively enforce regulatory and corporate guidelines on public-facing websites, intranets, extranets, file shares and SharePoint sites. The solutions further protect content in SharePoint and file shares by restricting and securing sensitive content at the item layer to improve collaboration and maximize investment while minimizing risk.

Automate & Enforce Compliance & Risk Management

HiSoftware delivers proven audit, compliance and risk management solutions for:

  • Content Privacy and Confidentiality (PII, PHI, IP)
  • Data and Information Security (OPSEC, SSI)
  • Web Accessibility (Section 508, WCAG)
  • Brand Integrity and Site Quality
  • Policy Compliance and Enforcement
  • Securing and Tracking Sensitive Data

Video: Managing Compliance & Security Risk in SharePoint

Video: Managing Compliance Risk

Take 5 minutes and learn how to manage SharePoint Compliance & Security Risk in 6 easy steps!
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